Virginia Film Festival 2016

Campaign Design

With a star-studded guest speaker turnout of Colin Firth, Werner Herzog, Danny McBride, Shirley MacLaine and Don Hahn, the 2016 Virginia Film Festival depicted a bear hidden in the linework of a WPA-stylized autumnal mountain scene. For the sixth year running, Watermark Design has created every design facet of the campaign, including posters, decals, advertisements, social media graphics, collateral, merchandise and environmental graphics.

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Elevator Banner: A large-scale banner adorns the end of the downtown mall, announcing the arrival of the festival season.

Collateral Design: A campaign shirt emphasizes the bear hidden within the mountain scene.

Environmental Design: Decals flesh out the campaign to include an owl hidden in the linework of a pine tree.

Environmental Design: Decals cover the Festival Headquarters, showing the deer from different angles and colors in the brand scheme.

Collateral Design: All year round collateral for the festival was designed in-house by the Watermark team to depict an autumn leaf turning into a film strip.

Campaign Design: The main touchstone of the entire campaign rests on the poster design, with a panoramic shot of a deer overlooking a rocky bear hidden in a mountain range.