Code Red Project

non-profit branding

The purpose of this drive is to provide assistance to women and girls that don’t have access to an adequate amount of feminine hygiene products— homeless women, women in prison, and women that live below the poverty line— while restoring their personal comfort and dignity. Due to embarrassment, cost, and the taboo that is associated with menstruation, women often will not ask for help in purchasing feminine hygiene products. The primary goal of the campaign is to increase awareness and garner volunteers to encourage discussion of the issue in an inviting manner, as shelters are hard-pressed to gather donations.

Via merchandise, posters, donation boxes, and messaging, community engagement surrounding Code Red’s cause saw a notable uptick. The attention-grabbing campaign playfully illustrates icons of period-related items and a red flag motif to overcome the stigma of the topic in an empowering, tongue-in-cheek manner.

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services for this project.

Poster Design The tagline "Let Your Red Flag Fly" encourages supporters to proudly shed any negative connotations surrounding menstruation

Detail of Campaign Poster Each individual letterform was formed by playfully arranged tampons, pads, and underwear icons

Logo Design A script logo was hand-lettered to contrast against the geometric letterforms of the campaign

Type Specimen Watermark developed a full type study composed of minute icons that shifted within a lively color palette

Website and Social Media Bright renditions of the icons expand on the pattern created in the typography and shift in each iteration of the series

Shirt Design Created for Code Red volunteers, screenprinted shirts detailed a close-up of the askew stacked logo