Insert Hop Pun Here Series


Throughout the years, we have become completely immersed in the craft beer industry. Through these experiences, we have had the chance to work with people that inspire us every day, and drive us to explore avant-garde packaging that has impacted the market on a national scale. As a passion project, we vibrantly hand-illustrated hop varietals for their namesakes. By detailing their biological composition, pedigree, and use, the campaign demonstrates our knowledge of the chemistry behind hops, while showcasing illustrative skill that could be harnessed in packaging for future products.


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services for this project.

Small Posters Series Each individual hop was rendered in a colorful small poster set and sticker diecut series

Letterpress Coasters For select recipients, coasters were letterpressed in metallic ink and contrasting color sets

Detail of Metallic Ink

Metallic Ink Poster Printed on soft-touch Neenah PLIKE® paper in silver metallic ink, posters were illustrated to bring the set together as a singular piece