South Street Brewery

Brewery Branding & Package Design

Originating from a prominent street name in its locale, South Street Brewery is a bright, approachable brand that highlights playful illustrations with a clean and modern edge. The overall brand is united by splashes of color and friendly, flat-design inspired illustrations. The Barstools and Dreamers Series is the reserve tier of the brand that encompasses 12oz. seasonal carriers and a 750mL specialty line. Each label is laser diecut to reflect the shapes generated by the illustrations and explores custom, handlettered titles that integrate with the illustrations. Fine, flowing linework surrounds each central illustration to evoke a whimsical theme.

Featured on The Dieline
Winner of an American Package Design Award


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Logo Design: The circular secondary mark "So.St." is inspired by the handpainted signage on the outside of the location's historic brick facade.

Flagship Six-Pack Design: Bright and accessible, the flagship line highlights the brand's hailing red color to play off of one another as a set.

Laser Diecut Label Series: The overall reserve tier utilizes custom diecuts, playful illustrations, and handlettered typography for each title.

Reserve Tier Six-Pack Design: In a tongue-in-cheek turn on American Gothic, Hop Gothic has detailed illustrative linework as the hops swirl around the figures.

Reserve Tier 750mL Diecut Label Design: Devil Fish springs forward from the label as if it is surging toward the audience from its abyss.

Reserve Tier 750mL Diecut Label Design: Anastasia's Chocolate Fantasy plays with the negative space in the silhouette formed by sweeping embellishments of swirled chocolate.

Reserve Tier Laser Diecut Label Design: Underscoring how the diecut transitions across the label, Acoustic Kitty's linework evokes the crossing of radiowaves in transmission.

Reserve Tier Six-Pack Design:  The carriers of each of the Barstools and Dreamers Series highlights a contrasting color on the side of the packaging and focuses on the handlettering of each title.

Marketing Collateral & Merchandise Design: Reflective of the flagship series, bright pops of red extend across multiple applications.