The Noble Gardener

Logo Design & Print Design

The Noble Gardener is a premier estate management company offering fine gardening services. The design objective for this project was to first create a logo that conveys a certain level of detail and sophistication. A hand-drawn, imperfect, illustration style is used throughout the image mark to convey the company’s organic nature. A ‘TNG’ monogram contains serifs that terminate into gardening tools: 3 tools representing the 3 proprietors. The monogram is contained within a compass symbolizing how Gardening is not just a career to The Noble Gardener team, but a calling or True North. Following the logo design, we designed three sets of business cards (each set featuring a custom illustration of a specific gardening tool). The cards work individually and also together to showcase the complete color palette.

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Logo Design

Color Palette

Business Card Design

Sketches from an earlier draft of The Noble Gardener logo project

Additional Graphic Elements