UVa Arts

Brand Development

We were honored to be approached to design the new brand for the University of Virginia’s Arts program. This included the logo design, branding guide, and then branched into marketing collateral including banners across campus, poster design for upcoming events, website headers and email marketing templates. Starting with the existing color and font palette from the UVa brand, we expanded into a secondary palette that helps create a unique identity that still meshes with the existing University look and feel.

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services for this project.

UVA Arts Logo Design: The negative space creates the word arts, carved from the color blocks behind it, which form the letters of UVA. The University's parent brand is tied in through the text below, which is consistent with the University's typography when spelling out University of Virginia.

UVA Arts Magazine: Integrating the sharp lines of the logo into the cover's photo collage, the quarterly magazine showcases faculty, alumni, and current students' plethora of work across a variety of media.

UVA Arts Magazine: Playing off of the vibrant colors that correspond to each departments, large swathes of UVA Arts' brand colors meander through the articles.

UVA Arts Magazine: Photographs of current work bleed across entire spreads, allowing the viewer to see details on a large scale.

The Berlin Wall Symposium Brochure Design:

The Berline Wall Symposium Brochure Interior Design:

Poster Design for Arts Events:

Poster Design for Final Fridays:

Banner Design: These banners encircle the buildings that comprise the Arts Campus to draw attention to the Arts at UVA