Virginia Film Festival 2015

Poster and Campaign Design

We were honored to be asked to design the 2015 Campaign Artwork for the Virginia Film Festival, making this our fifth year working together on the Festival’s overarching theme. Each year, we start with the campaign poster, and then build out all advertising, signage, marketing collateral, and merchandise from there.

This year, in addition to the campaign artwork, we also re-designed the year-round brand for the Virginia Film Festival. Our refreshed version of the logo with a simplified wordmark heralded a new symbol of the festival, a leaf transforming into a filmstrip. Carried throughout all of the evergreen material, including promotional work and banners across the city, the leaf represents the beautiful autumnal imagery that encompasses the Virginia Film Festival each year.

Check out a short video on our process for the 2015 campaign poster

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Poster Design: Virginia Film Festival 2015 Campaign

Banner Design: Centerpiece garage banner design, that stands at over 20 feet tall

Decal Design: Peppered throughout the city, decals for the Virginia Film Festival were featured at screening venues

Collateral Design:  Evergreen design that was established this year works in tandem with the 2015 campaign collateral

Collateral Design: Virginia Film Festival 2015 Campaign

Shirt Design: Virginia Film Festival 2015 Campaign

Advertisement Design: Virginia Film Festival 2015 Campaign