WheelHouse Canning Co.

Artisanal Canned Cocktails

Based in Denver, Colorado, WheelHouse Canning Co. prides itself on balancing delicate flavors in a canned cocktail. Approachable, but nuanced and small batch, WheelHouse provides artisanal-crafted cocktails that use refreshing ingredients. With over 15 years experience, the anthem of WheelHouse is to create a balanced cocktail. It should never taste artificial or sugary, and is bartender-crafted in the convenience of an aluminum can.

The packaging embraces the artisan, carefully-crafted nature of the cocktails through hand-lettering, and illustrated surrounds featuring the ingredients unique to each cocktail.

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WheelHouse Mint Cucumber Elderflower Lime Vodka Canned Cocktail: Packaged in slim, 12 ounce cans, botanical drawings surround the can in a lush blanket of ingredients.

WheelHouse Logo Design: Based on the Mint, Cucumber, Elderflower, Lime & Vodka cocktail, the sage green illustration was featured across several elements of collateral.

WheelHouse Logo Design: The WheelHouse logo features a stacked option for social media applications.

WheelHouse Black Tea and Grapefruit Packaging: Each cocktail features a prominent listing of the ingredients as opposed to a fantastical name in order to promote the freshness of the ingredients into the foreground. Magenta and slate grey botanical illustrations grace the can sleeve wrap as it goes around the edges of the aluminum.


WheelHouse Landing Page: The website for WheelHouse dives into the specifics of the theory behind the company.