Wynott Goat Soap

Logo Design

Wynott started with a couple adopting a few goats. Many goats and a few bars of soap later, they are gearing up to be distributed in some major chains, so the time came to invest in their branding. When the owners approached Watermark, they were looking for a fun, playful logo design to work into their existing packaging, which consists of different cuts of materials + burlap wrapping the soap, with a simple label on top. Below, you can see the identity system we have started developing with them.

The work you and your team did has really helped build our brand awareness, and I’m convinced it is helping our expansion into new markets. Not only has the wonderful work you and your team done the above, you made it so easy for us going through the process. You have brought together a wonderful group of designers who do amazing work.  We can’t say enough great things about our experience with Watermark Design.” ~Founder & Owner of Wynott

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Logo Design: Primary logo with tagline incorporated

Logo Mark Only: The 'Goat' mark can be used separately from the rest of the logo

Logo Design:  Reversed out logo application